Outstanding beer creators since its beginnings, Brasseurs RJ is, proudly, the largest microbrewery in Quebec and is a leader in specialty beer. Its distinctive and award-winning products, brewed in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal in Montreal, are distributed in the rest of Canada, the United States and Europe, to the delight of true beer lovers from here and abroad.

Always on the lookout for new trends and anticipating the needs of its fans, Brasseurs RJ breathes, season after season, a wind of change in the Quebec brewing landscape. In addition to their regular creations, we owe them, among other things, the first white Belgian type in Quebec – the legendary Cheval Blanc – and the very first cases of mixed beer offering an experience conducive to discovery and rediscovery.


The secret of their success is mingled In the mash tuns of Brasseurs RJ: a clever blend of daring, creativity and innovation, in addition to the purest traditional brewing tradition. A know-how resulting from several generations of constant research of the best processes and recipes.

At the brewery, craftsmen and masters form a family of passionate people united by the love of a job well done and the pride of creating, day after day, beers of exception that carve a place of choice in the brewing landscape of the beautiful province and in the daily life of the most demanding amateurs.


The concern for excellence that drives the brewery allows Brasseurs RJ to offer beers of very high quality that have been recognized many times in national and international competitions.

Our master brewers are skilled at carefully selecting barley and hops, freshly harvested, and then blending them with the purest water and distinctive yeast with rigour and passion. From the type of yeast to the mineral composition of water, including aroma dosages and fermentation times, it’s all about precision and know-how to please beer lovers.

These master brewers are attentive to the market and do not hesitate to shake up the traditions and to innovate to satisfy the most demanding amateurs.


Les Brasseurs RJ benefit from the best facilities and the best brewing equipment in Quebec, which allows them to brew beers whose quality is irreproachable and constant, tasting after tasting.

In 2013, the year of the 25th anniversary of La Belle Gueule, Les Brasseurs RJ inaugurated their brand new brewhouse at the cutting edge of brewing art. It was named the Van Gheluwe Room, in honour of the great Belgian brewer who developed the recipe for the Belle Gueule in 1988. It is an installation reflecting the quest for perfection of artisans who, over its history, have made La Belle Gueule a brand synonymous with excellence. For master brewers, brewing beers with exceptional taste, this, of course, takes hops and malt of the highest quality as well as the purest water available. Moreover, it also takes a lot of know-how. However, above all, it takes the best brewing technologies to ensure the best quality and irreproachable consistency.

This brewhouse was designed and installed by the German company Krones Steinecker, supplier of the world’s largest breweries. For Brasseurs RJ, this significant investment is above all a commitment to unwavering commitment to demanding consumers who are increasingly looking for unique and distinctive beers. Through this important investment, Brasseurs RJ reaffirmed their leadership, commitment and drive for innovation in a highly competitive market. This is a unique brewhouse in Quebec that places Les Brasseurs RJ among the most advanced microbreweries in America.