Now at all the good retailers, our new twelve (12) tasting Dégustation Mix features six of our most popular specialty beers, two of each: Robe Noire, Coup de Grisou, Death Valley, Blonde d’Achouffe, Sainte Paix and No 926

The Robe Noire is a black stout blending roasted malts and pure South American cocoa, for a delicious and surprising taste.

The Coup de Grisou, a reddish copper-coloured yeast ale with an evolving taste, offers an explosive aroma of coriander and buckwheat.

The Death Valley, a strong ale on golden yeast of the type ale “triple hops”, is characterized by a persistent but delicate bitterness.

Blonde d’Achouffe, a hazy blonde on yeast, is a beer from the Ardennes brewed in the scrupulous respect of an ancient tradition.

Summer at will, the Sainte Paix is an ale on dark blonde yeast with natural aromas of grapefruit, malted barley and wheat and hops.

Finally, No. 926 is a copper yeast ale with a distinctive taste that is the pleasure of true lovers.

Good tasting!